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Cynetis offers comprehensive solutions for the development of embedded software and real-time applications based on single or multi-core, 32 bit or 64 bit architectures. We are particularly active in the microcontroller market (ARM Cortex-M, PIC32, RX6/S7, ESP32...) and microprocessors (ARM Cortex-A, RISC-V MPU...) along with development and testing tools, software packages or ready-to-use hardware solutions (SBCs, SoM modules, touch screens).

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Our offer is based on the major design standards for development and testing tools (IDEs, compilers, debuggers : JTAG / SWD / Trace ETM / Boundary Scan probes), Real Time Kernels (RTOS) and middleware ranging from graphic libraries for LCD screens, file managers (FAT, Fail-Safe, Flash drivers), to communication protocol stacks (TCP/IP, SSL/TLS, SSH, USB, ModBus, CAN).


For projects requiring more computing power or a more complex user interface, we propose our off-the-shelf hardware solutions with a range of SBCs (Single Board Computer), with or without touch screen, and a range of SoMs (System on Module). These solutions, based on ARM Cortex-A processors, comes with a BSP (Board Support Package) based on embedded Linux, Android or Windows Embedded.


We offer high quality technical support for all these solutions (proof of concept, technical support, maintenance) and we can help you to accelerate the use of these technologies through a series of technical trainings. In particular, our expertise in connectivity & security on microcontrollers allows us to support engineers in the realization of their connected products.

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